Letter to Juan Somavia by President Of DISK

Dear Juan Somavia,

We are writing you from ILO Ankara Office.  We are here to draw attention to draft trade union bill which is being discussed at the parliament right now and destroys right to collective bargaining,restricts right to organize so creates a working enviroment which is not in conformity with ILO Conventions.

We have met with you Ankara Representative and informed them about our efforts going on for many years and which didn’t have any result with the Government.

Our action is not against ILO contrary we aim to defend ILO Conventions and their purposes.

We demand Government to implment ILO Conventions they have ratified. First step for Government is to ask technical assistance from ILO. By this way, there can be some positive progress on the ongoing work.

All of our Board members, Presidents of all our sector trade unions are inside the building and more than a hundred worker represantatives are waiting outside the building.

With Regards

Erol Ekici

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New photos from #OccupyILO

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First Photos from ILO Ankara Office

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Press declaration made in front of the Ministry of the Labour

Today members of DISK organized a press declaration in front of the Ministry of Labour. In the declaration read by Erol Ekici (President of DISK,), it was said that “the Government is staging a two-fold attack against workers and one part of this attack is new Collective Labour Relations Draft Bill which doesn’t even mention word trade union in its name.” Ekici also added that  “this new draft bill is against ILO Conventions No: 87 and 98, European Social Charter, UN Economical, Social and Cultural Rights Convention and 90th Amendment of Constutiton of Republic Of Turkey.”

In the declaration, it was said that “the second part of this attack is to apply National Employment Strategy Document which will destroy severance pay, turn workers into rental slaves by introducing Private Work Agencies, lower minimum wage and generalize precarious work.” Ekici also emphasized that the efforts to close DISK which were applied in 1970s and withdrawn after huge worker mobilizations, are now tried to be implemented by some statistical manipulations. And he added that “some officials even stated that DISK will loose its ability to do Collective Agreements and will be closed after this legislation.”

Ekici finalized his speech by calling Government to respect international Conventions, ILO Conventions, European Social Charter and 90th Ammendment of the Constution and added that DISK will go on fighting for a decent working life and a trade union legislation in conformity with ILO Conventions.

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Solidarity Message From IUF

Dear comrades from DİSK confederation,

On behalf of 2.6 million IUF members around the world, I salute your resistance, and I salute your peaceful occupy action of ILO Ankara offices to fight for a decent trade union legislation in compliance with the ILO Conventions.
The IUF and its member organizations call on the Turkish government to immediately revise the draft law to bring it into compliance with ILO Conventions and international labour standards. The IUF supports your action to ensure that trade union rights are fully respected and accessible to all workers in Turkey

In Solidarity,
Burcu Ayan

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ITUC Report Highlights Government’s Failure to Protect Workers

21 February 2012: A new ITUC report strongly criticizes the Turkish government’s failure to protect workers from exploitation and intimidation by private-sector employers and state authorities. You can read the complete report from here http://www.ituc-csi.org/IMG/pdf/tpr_turkey-final_.pdf

Weak and poorly-enforced labour laws, coupled with courts which are strongly biased in favour of employers, leave the country’s workforce without protection from discrimination and largely unable to bargain collectively for decent wages and conditions.

“Turkey has an extremely poor record on labour rights, and the list of victims of anti-union harassment by the government and employers continues to grow,” said ITUC General Secretary Sharan Burrow. Continue reading

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In the pretext of the draft law the following expressions take place: “… it became inevitable to consider the laws which regulate the collective labour relations with a liberal approach.”

“At the point arrived, it is not possible to take the Turkish trade unionism and thus the order of collective agreement forward with the laws numbered 2821 and 2822…”

“… this Law is regulating the trade union rights and freedoms and the collective agreement and the right to free collective bargaining, by taking the reaction which for a long time the Turkish labour life shows against the universal laws into consideration, and over the fundamentals of a liberal and a democratic society.” Continue reading

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