Occupy ILO Photos – 5

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3 Responses to Occupy ILO Photos – 5

  1. Ivor Riddell says:

    Gillingham and Strood Branch of the RMT Union in the UK send greeetings of solidarity with our Brothers and Sisters in the struggle to claim democracy from those who exploit the masses and pretend its for the national good whilst lining their own pockets.

  2. Sifis (Greece) says:

    Solidarity from your neighbours Greeks. In greece we face the same attack to our working rights.
    We are brothers and sisters, we are all workers, we are the 99%, we have nothing to share.
    The struggle against the neoliberal capitalism that is today more vicious than ever, must be international. This is the only way that it can win.

  3. Sifis (Greece) says:

    bad english: I meant that “we have nothing to divide”,

    everything to share!

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