Letter to Juan Somavia by President Of DISK

Dear Juan Somavia,

We are writing you from ILO Ankara Office.  We are here to draw attention to draft trade union bill which is being discussed at the parliament right now and destroys right to collective bargaining,restricts right to organize so creates a working enviroment which is not in conformity with ILO Conventions.

We have met with you Ankara Representative and informed them about our efforts going on for many years and which didn’t have any result with the Government.

Our action is not against ILO contrary we aim to defend ILO Conventions and their purposes.

We demand Government to implment ILO Conventions they have ratified. First step for Government is to ask technical assistance from ILO. By this way, there can be some positive progress on the ongoing work.

All of our Board members, Presidents of all our sector trade unions are inside the building and more than a hundred worker represantatives are waiting outside the building.

With Regards

Erol Ekici

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