Occupy ILO Photos – 5

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Live from ILO Ankara Office

– Now its more crowded in front of ILO Ankara Building. President Erol Ekici is making a speech to workers outside the ILO Building.

-Goodmorning Ankara breakast is ready – musiplaylist has lively songs-  first slogan of day , “apply apply apply the convention”

-Police is patroling with rifles. We still have hot tea and coffee (fair trade), banners says apply ILO conventions.

– It’s 3 am in Ankara, it’s snowing here, there is fire in barrels, songs are going on . There are red wheels all over the streets surronding ILO Ankara building.

– Workers dance halay in front of the building, there are fires in the barrels, workers whose  shifts are over coming to the ILO Ankara Office.

– ITUC General Secretary Sharan Burrows and ILo General Director Juan Somavia promised to make declarations about Turkey tomorrow.

– MPs Musa Cam (İzmir) and Sezgin Tanrıkulu (İstanbul) come to visit

– UN Security increased security measures here, they don’t let any food or drink inside the building.

– DİSK President, ILO Rep. and MP’s are in meeting

– MPs arrived to ILO Ankara Office with Suleyman Celebi previous President of DISK and MP right now.

– Commission meeting is going on in the parliament, MPs will come to ILO soon.

– We’ve just talked with Dan Cuniah from ILO Headquarters, he says it’s late in Geneve to do something. It’s later here in Ankara. We will stay overnight here 30 inside the ILO ankara Office, 100 outside in tents under snow.

– UN Security took some security measures

– Dan Cunniah, Director of ACTRAV spoke on the phone with President of DISK Erol Ekici from Geneve

– Minister of Labour told that  “I always talk with DISK, i don’t understand why they needed something like that”. Yes we always see Minister but with their police, tear gasses and batons

– UN Security Office arrived

– Workers are setting up a tent under snow in front of the ILO Ankara Office

– DISK Board member Ali Rıza Kucukosmanoglu answered “we will help you, we will stay over night”

-First, we celebrated 8th of March… Ms. Arzu Cerkezoglu, only chairwomen of Turkish Unions, is with us

– Workers anounced that they are organizing a sit-in at ILO Ankara Office

– Shopstewards waiting at front door

– DISK Delegation is in the ILO Ankara Office

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Solidarity Message Of CGT from France

The CGT of France fully supports the peaceful action undertaken by DISK at the ILO Ankara office against proposed changes to the current labour relations law which would only serve to concentrate trade union work into the hands of government-approved unions, to the detriment of workers’ rights and interests. We urge the government to respect the peaceful demonstration and to work according to the ILO eight fundamental conventions which it has ratified.
We stand in full solidarity with our DISK brothers and sisters.

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Photos From 9 March Morning

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Video from OccupyILO – Ankara

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Photos From Occupy IL0 – 4

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Photos From Occupy ILO – 3

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